Monday, February 21, 2011

The Qabalistic Cross

During many rituals, such as LBRP, the qabalistic cross is preformed.  It basically consists of making a cross of "divine light" on your body while reciting part off the lords prayer in Hebrew.   I do a very basic and common version of it, but still its the one I trust the most.  This is the cross I use.   But while surfing the internet looking for rituals and the such, I've come across many different versions.  Not all are really the qabalistic cross, but its the same concept.

  The first one I came across on  its a slight variation, just adding one word.  Here it is:
  1. "Touching the forehead, say Ateh.
  2. Touching the base of the throat, say Aiwass.
  3. Touching the breast (or Phallus), say Malkuth.
  4. Touching the right shoulder, say ve-Geburah.
  5. Touching the left shoulder, say ve-Gedulah.
  6. Clasping the hands upon the breast, say le-Olam, AMEN."
 The next one is Thelemic It was written  by Crowley and is at the beginning of the star ruby. The message is rather different, in my opinion,  but that is fine. Here it is:

"touch thy forehead and say ΣΟΙ;. thy member, and say Ω  ΦΑΛΛΕ;. thy right shoulder, and say ΙΣΧΥΡΟΣ; thy left shoulder, and say ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΟΣ; then clasp thine hands, locking the fingers, and cry ΙΑΩ."

And a third one.  this one is VERY different from the others in motions, and I have no idea what the words mean.  This is a supposed "Enochian Cross".  I am not an expert in enochian magick, so I still do not understand how this is enochian at all.  Here it is:

  • "Clasp your hands in front of your chest, fingers up.
  • Move your clasped hands up in front of you and let them penetrate the orb of light above your head.
  • Exclaim: "In nomine Patris".
  • Move your hands down again and invert fingers as you pass the chest and continue until you reach the groin.
  • Visualize how the light is being drawn down through your body until you become a pillar of light.
  • Exclaim: "et Filii".
  • Move your hands up again. Invert fingers and stop as you get to the chest. Now thrust your hands towards the north and south quarters to form a cross.
  • Visualize how the light shoots out into your arms so that you turn into a cross of pure light.
  • Exclaim: "et Matri".
  • Move your hands back in and place the right one on top of the left in the form of an "X" on your chest.
  • Visualize an elemental cross in your chest of light.
  • Exclaim: "et Filiae".
  • Feel the light of the cross spread throughout your aura and exclaim: "Amen". "
And one last one which I do not approve of at all, because it is Satanic.  I do not approve of satanism at all, and I do not understand it in any way.  But anyway, here it is:

  1. " Face any preferred direction. Visualize a bright white sphere above the head and vibrate: "AZAZEL!"
  2. Bring down the beam of light to the genitals and vibrate: "BELIAL!"
  3. Up to the middle of the chest, and across to the right shoulder. vibrate: "ASMODEUS!"
  4. To left shoulder, vibrate: "ASTAROTH!"
  5. Clasp hands at the chest, visualizing a bright red reverse pentagram upon the breast (or Hexagram of Alchemy. if known) vibrate: "BAPHOMET!" (or "BAPHO-METIS!") "
 All of there, minus the last one, are valid and interesting. While I prefer the qabalistic one, you may like another one of these.  I'm not sure it they can replace other ones, but I think they all have their own special purposes.  Choose which one works for you.

Frater Rota in medio rotæ

FEB  25,  MMXI

I just found another one from another blog:

"With your dominant hand, draw down energy to your heart chakra from the Universe above you and say: “In the name of the transcendent Star Goddess, Isis Unveiled”
Draw energy up to your heart chakra from the Earth below you and say: “In the name of the immanent Star Goddess, Isis Veiled”
Stretch out your left arm and visualise the left side of the lemniscate flowing out from the heart then back again, and say: “In the names of Nimue, Mari and Anna”
Stretch out your right arm and visualise the right side of the lemniscate flowing out from the heart then back again, and say: “In the names of Dian y Glas, Krom and Arrdu”
Visualise the energy of the lemniscate flowing through you, along with the powers of above and below. Bring your hands to your heart and say the Star Goddess prayer."

This one incorporates  different deities as opposed  to a prayer of some sort.  I am not totally decided about this one. 


  1. The original QC, via the Golden Dawn, was just Ateh, Malkuth, ve-Geburah, ve-Gedulah, le-Olam, Amen (i.e. without Crowley's HGA in there, which, imo, is not appropriate [if you really have to add in another name it shouldn't be someone's else's HGA]).

    The 'Enochian' one is not very Enochian at all. It's just a Latin prayer, replacing 'et Spiritus Sanctus' with 'et Matris' (Dee used 'et Spirits Sanctus' as far as I can remember from reading his journals). There's nothing particularly Enochian about it. There are several modern Enochian QC invented though, which use Enochian words. Generally speaking, however, the traditional Hebrew form is better.


  2. you are very correct. I was wondering why the so-called Enochian QC was titled as such, if anything it should be called Latin CC (cabbalistic cross). the sight that I got it from is also really inaccurate, so I don't really trust anything from it. thanks!

    Frater R.I.M.R.